Stop attackes from SPAMS\PHISHING !!

Do you know that about 80% virus attack comes via email and over 60% emails are spam?
Imagine the quantum of data loss to your business due to virus attacks ??
Work loss due to spam and server downtime!!!

KETHER infosec offers a SPAM\ANTIVIRUS\ANTI PHISHING solution that saves your business from the hardships of self managing virus and spam issues so that you can concentrate fully on your core business activities.

“KETHER provides most accurate, reliable and cost-effective spam control and email security solutions..”
Kether Provides the following services to block spams\phishing attachs & threats Solutions

- Consulting for SPAM\Phishing Managment Solution in India
- Premium SPAM Protection with Leading Solutions all over the world
- Implementation & Configuration for Business Class Messaging & Migration Solutions
- 24*7 Mail\Migration\Backup\Disaster Support & Services
- End User Training Services

Cloud E-Mail Services and Solution

“Any business or professional organization who wants to use business mail IDs, Store mail data or office documents, folders on cloud server, work together with their teams collectively on cloud; communicate effectively with modern mail or use video calling facility can prefer to use Cloud Messagin solutions and take advantage of the features and achieve more productivity in their business.”

Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Solutions, being a cloud-based service, is designed to meet your organization needs for robust security, user productivity, performance and reliability.Email Security & Mailing Solutions on Office365 is best or Small, Medium & Enterprise Level organization who don't wnat to setup the Physical Email server in their premises.

Kether offers Microsoft Office 365 suite (Standard\Business\Enterprise) online service which is subscription-based and includes Office Applications, Exchange Online, SharePoint File Services, Skype and Microsoft Office Web Apps.

“Microsoft's online services have been designed with keeping security in mind. Office 365 applications are connected through 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption so that a person without authorization will not be able to read it. Antivirus signatures & filtering are used to protect mail messages from malware.”

Office 365 applications are compatible with Mac users using OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Office 365 has Up-to-date versions with all the features and functionality. Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) helps to make single sign-on so that user can get into domain and automatically authenticated to Office 365.

Users can also connect in Web App via Outlook, a light version designed for compatible devices. With SharePoint Online, a document can be edited by two or more users at the same time. With Office 365, everything automatically synchronized back to the server and you can manage documents offline which is big advantage in comparison with cloud computing.

Kether Provides the following services on Office 365 Solutions

- Consulting for Office 365
- Migration on Office 365
- Implementation & Configuration for Office365
- 24*7 Office 365 Support & Services
- Office 365 Training Services for Users

Google GSuite Collobration Email Solution

Google has introduced G Suite, a service where Gmail service can be integrated and used as the e-mail server for business domains. G Suite is a combination of Email & Cloud based productivity G Suite tools for communication and collaboration.

Kether offers Google Apps Suite online service which is subscription-based G Suite Deployment\Email & Data Migration\G Suite support & much more.

G Suite Includes:

Gmail for Business
Gmail Email with Google-powered search, up to 30GB of storage, offline support, custom email addresses, and much more.

Calendar Easily schedule meetings at times that work for everyone, get meeting reminders, and share calendars.

Drive Google Drive allows you to store your files in the cloud, share them, and have access to them from anywhere.

Docs Create, share and work on documents with your whole team in real-time..

Sheets Manage spreadsheet data faster with click-to-edit charts and discussion style comments.

Slides Create presentations together, embed videos, and never press save again.

Kether Provides the following services on G Suite Solutions

- Consulting for Google Apps
- Migration on Google Apps
- Implementation & Configuration for Google Apps
- 24*7 Google Apps Support & Services
- Google Apps Training Services for Users

Zimbra Collobration Suite Email Solution

Zimbra Collobration Suite is trusted by more than 6,000 companies and PSUs with over 50 million end users, in 120 countries. Zimbra Collaboration Server is third largest messaging platform after Microsoft Office 365 & Google-Apps Suite.

Zimbra Collaboration is enhanced for global enterprises and service providers, including Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), a new Zimbra Packaging System, SSL Server Name Identification (SNI) and Zimbra Postscreen, all combined to deliver a low total cost of ownership (TCO). With a redesigned browser-based interface, Zimbra offers the most innovative messaging experience available today, connecting end users to the information and activity

Benefits of Zimbra

Dedicated compute and storage in the form of virtual servers

Customer can choose the Total storage required & allocate the space as per usage

Backup & Restore ( Optional )

Disaster Recovery (Optional )

Log Maintenance ( 1/3/6 months )

Access Control Restriction ( Optional)

Kether Provides the following services on Zimbra Collobration Suite Solutions

- Consulting for Zimbra Suite
- Migration on Zimbra Suite
- Implementation & Configuration for Zimbra Suite
- 24*7 Zimbra Suite Support & Services
- Zimbra Suite Training Services for Users

Mdaemon Messaging Services Support

MDaemon Private Cloud Email offers very affordable hosted email for your organization with valuable features and flexibility. With an easy-to-use web mail client, users can communicate, collaborate, share files and use integrated Instant Messaging.

MDaemon Messaging Server supports IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 protocols and delivers solid performance from its feature-rich and user-friendly design. The mail server software delivers low total cost of ownership (TCO) value designed to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized business customers. MDaemon is available in multiple languages and supports mailing lists, content filtering, multiple domains while offering flexible administration and an open standards design.

Benefits of MDaemon

MDaemon Email Server supports IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 protocols
Inbuilt EMail Security Features
Email communication in encrypted way
Email Archiving Features
Mobile Device Management Features
Remote Administration Features
Webmail Features
Instant Messenger Features
Exchange Migration Features

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Kether Provides the following services on Mdaemon Email Solutions

- Consulting for Mdaemon
- Migration on Mdaemon
- Implementation & Configuration for Mdaemon
- 24*7 Mdaemon Support & Services
- Mdaemon Training Services for Users