RBI Cyber Security Compliance

Ensure your cybersecurity program is designed to keep you safe

With rapid advances in Information Technology (IT), institutions engaged in the financial services sector have actively begun to utilize systems using open network as typified by the Internet. IS or IT Audit is “the process of collecting and evaluating evidence to determine whether a computer system safeguards assets, maintains data integrity, allows organizational goals to be achieved effectively and uses resources efficiently.” .

Our Approach to helping you manage your regulatory and statutory compliance..

Primarily, vulnerabilities in the Bank’s Information System include:

Improper system/network design,

Programming errors, weak or inadequate physical/logical access controls

Absence of or poorly designed procedural controls

Lack of back up/contingency procedures

Ineffective employee supervision, and management controls

Lack of awareness among employees

Financial institutions hold important data that may be siphoned off for indulging in fraud or various other criminal activities. Security measures are therefore indispensable for Banks. Such measures should be designed in a manner to detect and prevent attempts to steal consumer data.

KETHER infoSec offers following services and solution to banks

IT Asset Management

ISMS Policy implementation

IT Service & Facility Management

Physical (client/server interface, telecommunication, server, data storage, intranet, internet & Environmental Security)

Database Access & Network Security Management

Problem & Incident Management

IT Strategies, IT budget

IT Service Contract & Agreements and Vendor Management

IT Risk Management

Two Factor Authentications

IT Risk Management

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Security

Secure Web Gateways and Firewall services

PCI DSS Compliance Check

Data Integrity & Transaction control

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