GDPR Compliance Audit

GDPR has been designed to fortify data privacy across India. With GDPR compliance consulting, we are committed to reshaping the approach of organizations towards data privacy

Our GDPR practitioners conduct readiness assessments, GAP analysis assessments and compliance auditing for a range on commercial clients across four continents to ensure data protection standards can be demonstrated to the supervisory authority..

Our team of experienced experts made up of lead ISO auditors, law enforcement, IT governance, cyber security and business management consultants will identify your exposure to risk under GDPR.

Auditing your GDPR compliance implementation is a key component to demonstrating an ongoing commitment to compliancem Staff, processes, systems and technologies change. The GDPR insists organisations keep up to date with compliance, regular risk assessments and audits enable you to take a proactive approach to compliance.

Our independent auditing service will assess for gaps in your compliance standards, our consultants produce a report of any risks identified along with recommendations to proactively address the risks identified.

Understand your compliance gaps.

Your compliance gaps will be clearly document and we will talk you through them so as to ensure you understand them.
We will provide you with a prioritised list of findings as well as a clear set of recommendations.

We help organisations overcome the challenges associated with data protection compliance.
Readiness Assessment

Full GAP Analysis to identify your risks.

GDPR Audit

Audit of your GDPR Compliance Implementation.


Affording you the highest level of brand protection.

Breach Response

Recover with minimal financial impact.

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