Security Operations Center Solutions

Our comprehensive SOC as a Service provides deep insights on your cybersecurity posture to keep business-critical data safe and get complete peace of mind

KETHER infoSec provide superior risk detection, incident response, and compliance management—all in one unified solution. It includes all of the vital SOC abilities wanted for entire protection visibility across your cloud and on-premises environments..

Why SOC is needed?

In this age of highly capable digital hackers, one needs to be very cautious in order to not fall victim to a cyber-security attack. Almost each and every day we hear about a cyber-attack on organizations which has now not only disturbed their IT environment but has additionally resulted in amazing loss of facts and possibly cash too.
It is vital to take the proper steps to ensure that your enterprise is safe and there are no vulnerabilities and threats looming over your IT assets.

SOC Represents the Overall Security in an organization/environment which consists of Cyber, Digital & Information safety and the operations middle is responsible for assessing and enforcing the Security Posture of an Organization.

What value do we offer?:

Complete Coverage Through entire utilization of Xiarch’s SOC we manage protection features for companies like Security Assessment, Threat administration and many more

Cost Effective Service We grant the most price effective security solutions in the market by means of presenting environment friendly multitenant utilization of assets / security structures / appliances, humans and infrastructure.

Exuberant Support KETHER has usually targeted on supplying exuberant and multilingual guide to its customers round the clock.

Industry Recognition Our confirmed track record speaks for itself due to the fact our success is identified by means of the complete industry. Partnering with Xiarch has benefited a couple of IT giants to be the lowest bidder for SaaS offerings.

Trusted Alliances Many Globally visible IT giants have currently partnered with Xiarch for a joint strategy in the market for offering combined service and a broad range of products.

No matter the size of the project or frequency of support needs, we can tailor a plan for you - no strings attached. Let us show you how we keep our clients happy, productive, and supported.

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