IT GAP Analysis Security Audit

Protecting your business from online threats, internal vulnerabilities & many more vectors

Secure your organization by identifying any VUlnerabilities(weaknesses) in your network infrastructure, system & webapplications, with a thorough security audit, conducted by our infra security experts

By performing regular tests, you are securing your solution, safeguarding your brand image and guaranteeing the future of your business.

Security Audit an Introduction ?
A security audit is critical if you're looking to successfully protect your business from online threats, acting as a preventative measure to reduce the risk of malicious cyber attacks.

Comprehensively examining the integrity of your network solutions to minimise any risk of downtime, our security audits employ a powerful in-depth scanning tool to examine ports, processes, firewall policies and software updates to provide you with a complete security overview of your solution.

Security GAP Analysis what we provide solutions..

Port Scan of 65,535 Ports

RProbes any open ports, checking the services running. Recommendations for action will be made based upon services found.

System Process Checking

o check for unwanted processes running. Those identified are isolated/disabled or, if necessary, the server can be completely rebuilt.

Internal Scanning of Viruses\spyware\malware.

Removing or quarantining any viruses, rootkits and spyware.

Network, System Firewall Review

A review of your internal & external firewall policies in the context of the servers use..

Vulnerability Testing

Testing for 10,000+ security weaknesses.

Mail Proxy Check

To determine whether spam is being sent from your server.

Patching & Updates

To check and install where necessary software updates and patches (not including drivers) in your devices & systems

Website Spidering

Analyses your website for HTML and scripting vulnerabilities for SQL Injections\XSS\Frogery\Attackes.

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